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NetSupport School versie 12.65.0001 voor Mac is uit Product update
Maandag 9 September 2019, 15:00u
NetSupport School for Mac version 12.60.0001 has now been released and is available for download.

This new product requires a new NetSupport School for Mac license key. The product can also be used with the following license keys:

  • NetSupport School for Windows (NSM.LIC) version 12.50
  • NetSupport Manager (NSM.LIC) version 12.7
  • NetSupport School for Chrome (NSW.LIC) version 12.50
  • NetSupport School for Tablets (NST.LIC) version 12.50
  • NetSupport School for Mac includes the below changes:

    Overzicht nieuw en fixes (Engels):

    What is new:
    The NetSupport School for Mac will contain all the features of the previous NetSupport Assist product. The following new features have been added to the feature set of NetSupport Assist.
    • Refreshed user interface.
    • Added the ability to perform unattended installations from the command line.
    • NetSupport School for macOS is now a 64 bit application.
    • Can now connect to Student devices over the Name and Connectivity Server.
    • Added the ability to connect to Chrome Student devices.

    What is fixed:
    The list below relates to items found in the Beta release.

    • Chrome Students now auto-reconnect to Tutors using the latest versions of macOS.
    • Fix applied so Chrome Students can receive a full-screen show preventing them from closing it.
    • Resolved an issue where Chrome Student thumbnails were lost if a Tech Console or another Tutor connected while a student is already connected to.
    • Added the ability to apply a license to the Tutor at any point within the evaluation period.
    • Students will now auto-reconnect to the active Tutor if the network connection is lost and restored at the Tutor.
    • Fixed an issue where Survey answer buttons we truncated.
    Please note the new NetSupport School for Mac product has replaced the previous NetSupport Assist product, which is now end of life.
    Download de laatste versie
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